Kunstmuseum Schloss Derneburg

Visitor regulations


We ask that you follow all applicable COVID-19 regulations as outlined in your local ordinance and refrain from visiting if

•  you feel unwell

•  have had symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 within the fortnight prior to the visit

•  have tested positive for COVID-19

•  have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or

•  if you have been in an area with high levels of infection.

Wherever people are, there is some risk of contracting COVID-19. When you visit the Schloss Derneburg Museum, you are voluntarily taking the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19. 


• Please note that the number of tickets is limited. We strongly recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance to secure your reservation. 

• Our Senior discount applies to adults aged 65 and over. Please be prepared to provide proof of identification at check in. 

Our student discount applies to students of all ages with valid identification.

• A groups with more children than adults without prior written agreement is not accepted. A written permission must be signed in advance.

• No hard copies of tickets need to be presented, but please have a digital proof of ticket purchase ready.

• Before entering the exhibition space, visitors will be given an admission wristband at the ticket office.  

• Please have your tickets ready for our staff to see. 

• Parking spaces are limited. Please use the private parking area for museum visitors. 

• Exhibitions may feature sexual depictions or other potentially disturbing images. Please be sure to take this into account when deciding whether to visit. There are no childcare facilities.  

• Cancellations made up to 2 hours before the booked time will be refunded in full. 

• A visit to all accessible areas requires long periods of walking, standing and climbing stairs. 




• Larger bags, backpacks, umbrellas and hiking poles as well as back stretchers for children must be handed over at the cloakroom.

• The carrying of smaller bags into the exhibition rooms is allowed, as long as they are carried in the hand. In case of doubt, the supervisory staff decides.

• No liability is assumed for the wardrobe and the contents of the lockers.




• Sharp or pointed objects, writing instruments, large handbags, strollers, backpacks and other bulky items may not be taken into the exhibition rooms.

• The wearing of garments over the arm is not permitted in the exhibition rooms.

• It is not permitted to touch or enter exhibits. A distance of at least 50 cm from the work of art must be observed. 

• In the event of damage to works of art, the supervisory staff is entitled to record the personal details of the polluter.

• Visitors are liable for all damages caused by them.

• The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed.

• Guardians are responsible for the appropriate behaviour of children and adolescents who are accompanied by them.

• Smoking is prohibited in the castle and throughout the grounds.

• No food or drinks permitted in the exhibitions. 

• Visitors who behave inappropriately or violate staff instructions are encouraged to leave the castle and grounds.




• Photography without flash and filming are only permitted for private purposes. 

• Taking wedding photos in the museum buildings is not permitted unless written permission is available.

• The use of light, tripods, selfie sticks and other superstructures is not permitted.

• The operation of audio devices for sound reproduction is prohibited. 

• In all other cases, a permit must be obtained beforehand. 

• Photos may be shared via social media and it is requested to use the hashtags #hallartfoundation and #schlossderneburg. 

• Telephoning in the exhibition rooms is prohibited.

• Please note that wedding photography is not permitted in the castle. Wedding photographs in the park are possible by prior arrangement. Please contact besucherservice@sdmuseum.de for further information.




• The exhibition rooms are video-monitored for security reasons.

• Stairs, passageways and escape routes must be kept clear for safety reasons.

• Animals are not allowed on the premises.

The use of drugs and other illegal activities are prohibited on the entire grounds of the museum.

• Outside the opening hours of the public, the museum is closed to the public. 

• In the event of a theft alarm on the museum grounds, the management is entitled to close all exits in order to have a person and bag check carried out.

• We accept no liability for the use of our parking spaces.



Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be necessary to cancel your tickets without notice. Should such a cancellation be required, the full entrance fee will be refunded. If you have any questions or if you need support, please contact besucherservice@sdmuseum.de. We thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Please support us in providing healthy and safe conditions for all our visitors and employees by adhering to the following rules:



We wish you a pleasant museum stay.